Shepherds of Arcadia
By Nicholas Poussin

Welcome to the Official Website of the Sovereign Empire of Arcadia.

The Empire of Arcadia is an Independent and Sovereign Micronation which exists and operates as a trans-global autonomous entity whose primary purpose is to benefit the direct progenitors of the Ancient Dragon Families and also to assist those whose bloodlines are affiliated with or are extracted from this descent.

Being primarily non-territorial, the Sovereign Empire of Arcadia does not maintain any formal territorial claims.
However, it does promote the idea that the Empire has extra-territorial status.

Global Society, or “integral symbiotic community,” is defined as an organisation ascending from a plurality of communities founded on prior associations and multiple memberships
The goal of such a Society is to specify the levels of mutual solidarity and the autonomy of the collective participants, whose consent is actualised and organised in open dialectic, the basic idea being “what concerns all must be approved by all” (“quod omnes tangit, ab omnibus approbetur”).

Just as being a Sovereign Nation means having the right and power to make decisions and take actions in the national interest without being forced to by another nation, so being a Sovereign Being means being able to choose one's actions and reactions without being forced to by another person.
To the degree there is free will in all such choices, National or Personal, there is Sovereignty.

National Sovereignty belongs to the people in perpetuity. It cannot be prescribed, because it resides inalienably in the community.
Therefore, Sovereignty can be distributed and shared, inspired both by the Imperial model, the Ancient communal “freedoms,” and the functioning of common and cooperative associations

Personal Sovereignty implies the intrinsic authority and power of an individual to determine his or her own direction and destiny.

Ultimately, we each have only as much Sovereignty as we can demonstrate.
Personal Sovereignty and free will are the same thing and so the way to increase your Personal Sovereignty is to increase your use of free will.
However, it is important to remember that with Personal Sovereignty comes great responsibility.
As you increase your use of free will, you also increase your responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

Personal Sovereignty relates to the inner power and essence of a person and the right for him or her to determine their direction in life.
Another important issue is that one should not interfere, (especially negatively), with other peoples' free will in pursuing their own objectives, but should in fact enhance the lives of others.